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PSEB Registration

PSEB Registration

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Being a country with endless development potentials, Pakistan has seen many sectors gaining boosts in the past few years. The IT sector, especially, has seen quite a rise in the decade. If you are an IT-related service provider, you will significantly benefit from registering with the PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board). Suppose you are wary of any of the requirements that you need to settle ahead. In that case, Pro Tax Consultancy Karachi Pakistan is a credible consultant agency to assist you in anything you will need regarding the registration.

First, let us look at how we profit from a PSEB registration. PSEB is a Government-affiliated body that will give you credibility in front of foreign investors, but the benefits you receive alongside are nothing to cough at. With PSEB, you should gain the trust of your investors for their affiliation with a legitimate Government body means you are clear of any fraudulent activities. The government can not allow any exempted taxes on you, which can be quite a considerable sum depending on your company. You can also repatriate all profits at 100%, which means all your investors will be able to receive their shares without having any cost cuts from the profit amount. Being a Government affiliated organization, PSEB will assist you in interacting with other Government agencies. They act as a liaison for you to interact with higher Government officials.

Furthermore, The Scope of the Taxation Services Includes:


Benefits of PSEB Registration

That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to benefiting from a PSEB Registration. There is a lot more to profit from registering, such as:

You sponsor participation in upcoming IT-related exhibitions and events worldwide.

Also, you get participation in upcoming IT-related local events where many foreign investors are attending.

You get facilitation to achieve international certifications to fortify your credibility, such as ISO further.

You will receive VISA assistance for your employees, financiers, investors.

Individuals also get promotion of their business through the PSEB IT portal, which traffics investors on an international scale.

If your IT-related business has a call center, you must register it with PSEB by law. Failing to register under them is a cause for legal action by government agencies such as FIA and PTA. Pro Tax Consultancy Karachi Pakistan will facilitate you registering your call center with PSEB, so you do need to worry about legal action.

If you plan on registering with the PSEB, you will need to follow these steps:

You should Signup on the PSEB site. It will provide you with a temporary login.

After signing up, you can fill up the online form and submit it along with the required documents. Failure to submit the mandatory information may result in a denial.

After receiving the initial PSEB approval, you should submit the fees, whose receipt you will need to upload on the portal. Once the receipt and the charges are verified, you need to wait for the final approval.

After which, it takes 2-5 working days for you to receive your certificate of registration.

You Should Upload the Required Documents Along With Form:

Business NTN

Passport copy of Directors / Shareholders / Partners (for foreign nationals only)

Attested copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association (for SECP registered companies only)

An attested copy of Form 29 (for SECP registered companies only)

Attested copy of Incorporation certificate (for SECP registered companies only)

Certified copy of Partnership deed (for Partnership based firms)

Attested copy of Firm registration certificate (for registered firms)

Business Bank Statement of the preceding six months OR Business Bank Account Letter/Certificate (In case of new account)

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