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Provident Fund Pakistan

Employees Provident Fund Registration


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We realize that the system for Provident registration is legally very complicating and problematic. But Pro Tax Consultancy karachi Pakistan can surely save you from red-tapism. We understand that providing retirement benefits to employees is a statutory obligation, so we determine to straighten all the knots in this process.

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Provident Fund

Provident fund is a retirement scheme aim at the welfare of the employees. It’s an investment fund contribution by both employees and employers, which presents a lump-sum payment at retirement to the employees. Provident Fund is founded as a Trust by the Establishment after registration from the concerning Sub-Registrar, to act as an autonomous body.

Furthermore, The Scope of the Taxation Services Includes:


The Provident Fund is of three kinds, which are:

How Should Provident Fund Trust Deed and Rules Consist of:

The trust gathers the capital from employees and employers every month and invests in legitimate securities and projects.

The employer builds the Provident Funds as a final and binding Trust, named after the company’s name, followed by the “Employees Provident Fund” quad-gram. The trust administers by three to five trustees whose names write on Trust Deed and sign on a Stamp Paper. The Rules of Provident Fund Trust are formulating separately. The Trust Deed and Rules include all the contractual terms regarding the rights, duties, and liabilities of the trustees, employer, employees, auditors, and bankers, etc., in detail.

The Trust Deed should include all the information necessary for the operations and handling of the trust. It must also contain complete regulations for the membership and the organization’s role and power in managing the fund. The policy of contributions, investment of fund’s capital, division, and dispersion of profits, settlement of disputes should be stated clearly and comprehensively in the Trust Deed.

It is obligatory to register Trust Deed with the Registrar of Trust. For the registration, one trustee has to appear before the Registrar on behalf of all the trustees. The original Trust Deed and the photocopy of Rules, copies of National Identity Cards, and two photographs (Passport size) of all the trustees are submitting to the Registrar. Following this procedure, the trust and all the trustees must obtain their respective National Tax Numbers (NTNs).

Tax Exemption Implications on Provident Fund:

After the registration, the Trust has to apply for exemption from tax under Part I of the Sixth Schedule of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, before the Commissioner Inland Revenue. The Provident Fund enjoys a lifetime exemption from taxation after the application is accepting. Part I of the Sixth Schedule of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, has complete terms for approval.

Following are the conditions for approval:

All the employees should become employed in Pakistan, or the employer should be a legal resident of Pakistan.

If only 10% or fewer employees are employing outside Pakistan, then the non-resident employer also qualifies for tax immunity.

The amount deposited by the employer in the Provident Fund shall not exceed the employee’s contribution.

At the end of the year, the revenue is distributing on the closing balance. The profit should ideally calculate on average balance.

The employees enjoy various benefits when part of the Provident Fund. They entitle to get loans or to withdraw their money temporarily. They can even withdraw their funds permanently, but this is allowing in some special conditions. Above all, the members have the facility of an interest-free loan. There are precise circumstances and boundaries for the eligibility of loans. But, we mention in the Rules along with the complete procedure.

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