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PEC Registration

PEC Registration

Excel in Engineering line of work!

(Pakistan Engineering Council) PEC Registration

Excel in Engineering line of work!

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) is a renowned government body. The government of Pakistan constituted under the PEC act to control the engineering profession in Pakistan. PEC’s primary purpose is to regulate the discipline to play an important role in bringing economic growth nationwide.

What is PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council)

PEC is one of the legislation organizations that is meant to service engineers. However, the organization participates in different actions taken by the government for the betterment of engineers in Pakistan. Also, they represent the engineers of Pakistan on a global platform. They have worked for the betterment of engineers for decades and have solved many issues that were disturbing the engineers.

Moreover, the organization has introduced different rules in various universities of Pakistan. PEC also introduced the OBE rule which became the benchmark of modernization in engineering universities of Pakistan. Moreover, the development of Engineers is also the responsibility of PEC.

How to Register with PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council)

The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) Registration also includes the following functions.

PEC is responsible for the registration of engineers

They provide consultation to the engineers

PEC accredits engineering programs offered by universities

It ensures the continuous professional development

PEC assists the Federal Government as Think Tank

They establish the standards for engineering products

PEC provides services besides safeguarding the interest of its members

Moreover, PEC continues to motivate, facilitate and regulate the working of engineering bodies. Their motivation helps in the increase of creativity. Also, PEC act as the custodians of engineering.

Furthermore, The Scope of the Taxation Services Includes:


How ProTaxConsultancy Pakistan Can Help

Considering the services of PEC, ProTaxConsultancy Pakistan understands engineers’ importance & respects them greatly. Therefore, we ensure easy registration with (PEC) and with affordability. Our services include the following.

Consultancy for Registration

Processing of Registration Application

Documentation for Registration

Various Registration Categories. These categories include registration fees and requirements. Also, the limit of a project under different types. We have described the types below in the table:

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Tax Compliance to Individuals
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